Day Of Session​
Shower and exfoliate. Avoid lotion and make-up (wipes available if needed). Wear dark, loose fitting clothing. And remove all jewlery before spray.

                                                  Maintenance After Session
Avoid Water! Wait at least 4-6 hours before showering to achieve best results. Don't wash hands or face 4-6 hours within spray, Use a straw while drinking liquids. Avoid Sweating! Sweating can cause streaking. Use air-conditiong in car.

After tanning session, we recommend a SUN HYDRATING SHOWER GEL. Avoid using bar soaps or high pH products, they will make your tan fade rapidly. 'Pat dry' after shower.

   Its the easiest and most effective way to prolong your spray tan.

Airbrush Tan
Exfoliate before each session to remove dry flaky skin. For exfoliation of extremely dead, dry skin we suggest a two-step process 

First, use a SCRUB for a deep exfoliation and skin treatment 24 hours before session provides a through, deep skin exfoliation to nourish and moiturize your skin

Second, use a MOISTURIZNG BODY SCRUB on the morning of your session to give your skin the fuel needed to hold a beautiful golden tan

*Note: Avoid using bar soaps, high pH shower products or moisturizers within 24 hours of session